Click here to view the public list of current governors as required with effect from September 2015.

The role of the Governors:
  • To determine the aims and values of the school: These can be found in the front of the Governors Annual report to parents.

  • To monitor and keep under review the broad policies, plans and procedures within which the school operates: The strategic direction of the school is set by the School Improvement Plan. Various committees with specific responsibilities meet at least termly to review the activities in their areas of interest.

  • To ensure local accountability: The make up of the Governing Body includes representatives of parents, the Local Authority, the local community, the staff and people co-opted for their specialist skills.

  • Insisting that the best interests of all pupils are paramount in decision-making: By making regular visits and observing the work of the school the governors gain an understanding of the pupils needs that can then be included in the school plans.

A Message from the Governors of Parkside School:

"The Governors of Parkside School are appointed to represent different groups in the community. Parents, of course, are one very important group.

Governors will be pleased to hear from you, but please remember that they are not able to deal with day to day concerns about your child’s education or anything else that happens in school. Your first port of call should always be the Class Teacher and, if necessary, the Headteacher.  If, having explored these options, you still have a concern, please do make contact with the Governing Board via the Chair of Governors, care of the school."

Click here to view the public list of current governors as required with effect from September 2015.

We have vacancies - please contact the Head Teacher via the school office:

Chair of Governors:

Clerk to the Governors: David Harvey

Governing Board approved meeting minutes: 
2012 March 1st      
Finance and Premises Committee:

Standards Committee:

N.B: With effect from September 2015 the Finance and Premises and Standards committees were re-absorbed back into the main Governing Board.  The Finance and Premises committee was reinstated with effect from 28th September 2016.